Olaplex FAQs

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a revolutionary new 3 part hair treatment that actually fixes broken bonds on the hair, these bonds may have been damaged by colouring, styling or just everyday wear and tear on the hair. Olaplex has a single active ingredient that repairs the hair by linking these bonds back together.

Part 1 and 2 will be done by me at the time of your appointment as approved single applications, whilst step 3 is a take home treatment to maintain the wonders of this new amazing treatment at home.

How is Olaplex used?

There are 2 ways of applying Olaplex.

The first is a stand alone treatment. This treatment is made up of two steps that are applied to your hair at the beginning of your appointment. When it has worked its magic, it is rinsed and shampooed out before your hair is cut, blow dried or styled or it can even be used as extra protection before a slightly more compromising colour or technical service.

The second is as an upgrade to your colour service, the Olaplex is added in to your colour to help you hair stay strong whilst the chemical process is happening.  It is then followed by step number 2 before it is shampooed out.

Olaplex Hair Protector No3 should then be taken home and used weekly to keep your hair in optimal condition.

How long does a stand alone treatment take?

A stand alone will take roughly an extra 30 minutes. Whilst your treatment is on you can sit back relax, unwind, have a cup of tea and take some you time!

Do I need to have an Olaplex colour upgrade?

Everyone benefits from an upgrade! Whether your having a full head of light blonde bleach highlights or a gentle semi permanent colour Olaplex can improve your colour service and condition of your hair. Olaplex can add shine, strength and prolong the life of your colour. It also gives me as a stylist more creative freedom, as hair can be repaired and pushed further than ever before, making colour corrections and changes easier than ever before.

My hair is damaged, will Olaplex fix it?

Olaplex isn’t a miracle product but in my opinion it is the closest thing I have ever come across! Never before have you truly been able to fix hair, so yes if your hair is damaged Olaplex will reduce the damage immensely and dramatically.

How long does Olaplex last?

The disulfide bonds that Olaplex has relinked are permanent, of course these bonds can be broken in the same way that they were in the first place, from things such as heat styling and colouring, but don’t worry there are no limits to the amount of times you can have an Olaplex treatment and using Home Protector No3 at home will help maintain the magic at home.

What is the difference between the treatment you do and the Olaplex treatment I do at home?

Olaplex No 3 is a take home product that you can purchase for home use. It is a continuation on the professional step 1 and 2 Olaplex program you have had either as an upgrade to your colour or as a stand alone professional treatment.

Olaplex No 3 has the same active ingredients in at as the professional step 1 and 2, it is not as intense and great to top you up in between your appointment, mending the bonds your break in your hair on a daily basis.

Do I need to do Olaplex at home too?

It’s best to! Daily living, brushing, weather conditions, heat styling all cause damage to the hair, using Olaplex hair protector No3 at home will help eliminate damage on a weekly basis keeping you hair in the best possible condition between appointments.

So is Olaplex for me?

In one word YES Olaplex is for everyone!

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